Keep Your Pet Entertained All Day

Doggie day care center in Berthoud, CO

Destiny’s Club Mutt offers pet day care services in Berthoud, CO. Our day care guests get to play with our boarding guests during 30-minute outdoor play sessions. They’ll meet new furry friends and interact with our friendly staff members.

Want to enroll your pup in our pet day care? Call today.

Benefits of bringing your dog to day care

Benefits of bringing your dog to day care

Here are three reasons to enroll your pet in doggie day care at Destiny’s Club Mutt in Berthoud, Colorado today:

  1. Your pet will learn important social skills—your pooch will spend plenty of time with other dogs.
  2. You can go to work without worrying—enjoy peace of mind during the workday knowing that your pet is being cared for at our doggie day care.
  3. Your pup can spend time outside—if your dog doesn’t normally go outside while you’re away because you live in an apartment or a home without a yard, he or she will love the chance to explore the great outdoors at our facility.

Sign up your pet today. You can also add day care services to your dog’s overnight stay. Talk to a member of our staff for more information.