Are You Interested in Extra Add-On Services?

Check out what we have to offer below!

Kong Komfort

Kong Komfort

$4.00/per serving

A Kong filled with crunchy treats and flavorful Kong paste or peanut butter. This is a great option for the canines that enjoy a challenge.

Pooch Parfait

Pooch Parfait

$3.00/ per serving

A cool serving of plain yogurt topped with organic
crunchy treats (all the probiotics included).

Additional Playtime

Most Guests are well exercised after 30 Min of running, sniffing and socializing.

Additional playtime is available for those that aren't;

  • Additional 30 Minute intervals are $5.00/day for each guest
  • Daycare PT w/ boarding $12.00 for each guest

Star Card

Our frequent boarding discount: after 14 days of boarding during a 6 month period you receive one day free.